Welcome to Villa Beer!

In the future Villa Beer will be open for visitors, but a great deal must be accomplished in order to make this possible.

Due to an extensive restoration and renovation the house is not accessible at the moment.

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Eingang, 2021
Eingang, 2021

The Vision

Although the villa has been updated to some extent over its history, no fundamental renovations have taken place to date. On the one hand, this is a stroke of luck, as so much has been preserved in its original state; however, the lack of refurbishment has also resulted in significant deterioration.

The extensive refurbishing and renovation work will be carried our under the direction of architect Christian Prasser – cp architecture.

Modernism is that which gives us complete freedom. 

Josef Frank
Our vision is for the villa to be filled with life, bringing Josef Frank’s ideas of modernity into the present day.

On our first visit to Villa Beer in November 2020, the idea was born to create a place where we can learn from history in order to enrich the present and the future.
The focus here is, of course, on architecture. The ideas that Josef Frank and Oskar Wlach so beautifully implemented in this building should be showcased. 
We want to use the house to highlight the life stories of its architects and the building client’s family, as well as social developments that came about before and during its construction.

The house should not become a museum piece that is stuck in the past – nor should it look or seem completely rebuilt. We want to restore the structure to its original state while simultaneously enabling new uses. All of our plans emphasize creating the most authentic experience possible and designing in accordance with the age of the building.

© Wolfgang Thaler
Blick aus dem Speisezimmer
Blick aus dem Speisezimmer

How the villa will be accessible to the public

The ground floor, mezzanine, and first upper floor will be open for viewing and guided tours. These rooms will show the original living arrangements while still retaining space for background information and exhibits. It is particularly important to us that visitors are able to enjoy a relaxed visit to the house while also maintaining the original residential nature of the home. We want our visitors to feel like welcome guests.

Stay for a day
In addition to regular tours, longer visits will be possible Stay in the house for a whole day and make yourself at home—read, explore, or even undertake a few tasks in the house or garden.

Stay for a night
We are also considering an option for visitors to stay overnight at the villa. Although the space is limited, this would be a unique opportunity to experience the feeling of living in this historic work of architecture.

Research and Teaching
The villa will also gladly welcome researchers and educators. In collaboration with universities and architecture institutions, we are planning research stays, including a “Research in Residence” program. The Villa Beer will also be a home for lectures, symposia, and more.

Cultural Gatherings
The Beer family designed their home to be a place for larger gatherings and cultural exchanges. We look forward to reviving this aspect by bringing in music, dance, readings, discussions, etc.

We are excited to realize each of our visions, step by step—and we look forward to welcoming you as our guests at Villa Beer!